The gym was originally founded in 2008 by Ollie Beard as Muscleinc; a fully equipped free weight facility that was urgently needed in the Haslemere area. A friendly atmosphere crossed with good mixture of athletes made for an excellent training facility.

Although these facilities appealed to those who enjoyed body building and strength training, Muscleinc needed to broaden its horizons in order to evolve and become a gym with appeal to all.

In April 2012 Muscleinc joined forces with Quantum International, to become Uniq Physique.

The combination of established business expertise, allied to the goodwill and loyalty cultivated by Ollie and Muscleinc, helped develop the new gym into an much improved facility, but with the same devotion and commitment to its customers.

Since then, an outdoor training unit and new equipment has been added to the facilities, meaning that members can now maximize their training and also enjoy the benefits of new classes run on a weekly basis.

The team at Uniq Physique really care about it's clients and guarantee to help them achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.

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