Welcome to Uniq Physique....The individual & personal gym that offers an intelligent approach to training.

Based in Haslemere, Surrey, we are a small, friendly team that promises all of our members individual instruction and coaching to ensure that each person reaches their own goals.

Our members range from 14 to 75 and from complete beginners to pro-athletes, but all share the enthusiasm to become fitter, stronger and healthier. There is always someone willing to lend a hand or offer advice, whether it be the professional team or the members themselves. We pride ourselves on our family feel and our members are always made to feel very welcome.

If you have a specific goal...maybe a wedding, holiday or pro competition, or simply want to improve your wellbeing, why not take the first step on your journey and visit us for a free training session? Simply call us on 01426 644032, or pop by for a chat.

We look forward to meeting you !